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E.J. de Jong Review

We have lower mastitis and lower somatic cell count using this tool.

E.J. de Jong, The owner of 2 dairies milking 8,000 cows.

Our customers


Dairy farms in US already using our software.


Cows tracked.

Cattle Care's technology is going to revolutionize the management of the milking parlor on dairy farms in a very positive way.

Henry Bosma review about Cattle Care
Henry Bosma

Granger, WA. Milking 7,000 cows

We can reduce deviation in our protocols and having this technology lets us know the consistencies of the protocols and our shifts.

Trevor Slegers review about Cattle Care
Chris Szydel

Kewaunee, WI. Milking 2,500 cows

With Cattle Care we lowered our SCC and now it's easy to hold individual employees responsible.

Larry Dutra review about Cattle Care
Eric Opitz

Canton, TX. Milking 500 cows

We dropped to 76K SCC. Our cows seem very happy, chewing their cud, and not bouncing around.

Larry Dutra review about Cattle Care
Brenda Elsinger

Lomira, WI.

I think it’s a valuable tool that’ll return many times the subscription cost.

Cornell Kasbergen review about Cattle Care
Cornell Kasbergen

Visalia, CA. Milking 3,000 cows

This product saves me a couple of cows a month.

Larry Dutra review about Cattle Care
Larry Dutra

Manteca, CA. Milking 2,000 cows.

What deviations can we detect?

Missed pre-dipping, striping and post-dipping.

Wiping of several cows with the same towel.

Early manual detach of milking machines.

Revolution in milking parlor

Cattle Care's technology is revolutionizing the milking parlor management on dairy farms in a very positive way – our company's service can spot when a milker manually removes a milking unit too soon, doesn't post-dip a cow or is on their phone during a milking shift.

These deviations are captured as short video clips and made available for producers to view and share in their online dashboard.

Our software works for herringbone, rotary and parallel.

Try before decide to buy

At Cattle Care, we offer a free demonstration to our prospective clients to showcase our system's capabilities, which will be tailored precisely for your parlor.

After the demo, we can form the free report with valuable insights and help you select the right contract type for your particular needs.

How does it work?

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Connecting your camera

Our software taps into a dairy’s existing security camera, capturing video from a milking shift and uploading it for processing on the company’s secure servers.

You don't need to have special cameras. Cattle Care is designed to work seamlessly with the cameras you already have in the milking parlor or we can install cameras for you.

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Ensuring security of your data

All of your security footage is encrypted and accessible only to your team. Everyone on your team gets their own account and password, securing all of your sensitive information and preventing unauthorized access.

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Analyzing deviations

The company’s video analytics algorithms can spot deviations from what a producer would expect to see in a milking parlor operating at 100 percent efficiency.

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Turn data into insights

The system creates a report with short videos for each issue category. You can choose a specific date, pit, and shift to track progress and get valuable insights on how to improve your parlor efficiency.

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Make your cows happy!