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FAQ: Free demo

March 6, 2023
2 min

To enhance the quality of our services, at Cattle Care we offer a free demonstration to our prospective clients showcasing the capabilities of our system.

Why does Cattle Care offer a free demo?

Our system's capabilities are best presented through a hands-on demonstration tailored for the exact parlor. The report provides potential clients with valuable insights into what’s going on at the dairy and helps select the right contract type for their needs.

What does Cattle Care need for a demo?

If the milking parlor is equipped with cameras, we require access to the video recordings from them. Typically, we use 4 hours of video footage from the milking parlor and 6 hours of video footage from the holding area. A client can specify the exact hours to be used (for example, high cows' milking time).

If cameras are not installed yet, our technical specialist can visit the farm and install a portable camera. This camera is used solely for the purpose of the demo. If a client decides to work with us, we install permanent cameras in the milking parlor.

Is the data protected?

Before conducting the demo, we ensure that the farm videos are kept secure through an NDA and necessary procedures. The data is kept on-site at the dairy. At Cattle Care, we value data privacy.

Is the demo free? Am I obligated to buy the product after the demo?

The demo is 100% free of charge. After seeing the results of the demo, you may become interested in our system, but there is no obligation to buy. It is common to feel overwhelmed with the data at first, but with consistent use, you'll start seeing results within a few weeks or even days.

How can I book a free demo?

Fill out the form on our website and one of our managers will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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