Safe your cows with animal welfare monitoring

By using our Animal Welfare service, you can ensure that your cows are treated with the care and respect they deserve, leading to a more peaceful environment in the milking parlor.

Protect your herd, enhance your yield!

Advanced video analytics tool

Protect your herd, enhance your yield!

Ensuring the well-being of your cows is not just about ethical farming—it's also about productivity. By preventing critical abuse, you can maintain healthier cows, leading to better milk quality and higher yields.

When cows are stressed or mistreated, their milk production can decrease significantly. Additionally, mistreated cows are more prone to illnesses.

By preventing critical abuse, you can keep cows healthy, leading to higher yields and reduced veterinarian costs.

How we improve cows welfare

Enhance animal welfare and increase overall productivity by transforming Cattle Care reports into actionable insights.

Routines Monitoring

Monitor harmful activities

Predip, stripping, wiping, or postdip - we can track and analyze each employee and their routines in your parlor.


Detect harmful or unusual activities

Detect harmful or unusual activities

Aggressive interaction with cows, improper or missing milking activities - our software can help you protect your assets and detect these issues on your farm so you can prevent them from happening in the future.


Easy to read performance reports

Easy to read performance reports

Spend less time analyzing data. We prepare easy to read performance reports for you and you can review them on the go from your smartphone or tablet. Or simply print them for easy access during your team meetings/employee reviews.


Actionable information

Actionable information

Small issues can lead to bigger problems. But with Cattle Care, you can find these small issues and implement changes to improve your parlors overall performance.


Most detected farm issues

Low quality or missed pre-dipping, striping and post-dipping.

Improper wiping, which leads to mastitis and other cow diseases.

Incorrect detach timings, which reduces the amount of milk produced.

Here’s what Cattle Care customers have to say:

We dropped to 76K SCC. It's because of your product that we could train our employees based on what we were seeing to create such a calm environment in our parlor.

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Larry Dutra review about Cattle Care
Brenda Elsinger

Lomira, WI.

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Make you cows happy!

Make your cows happy!