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Top 10 milkers' mistakes in milking parlors: No Reattach

the sixth most frequent milkers' mistakes in a milking parlor are no reattach
Demo results in 2022

Continuing our discussion of the most common issues during cow milking, let's address the sixth-ranked problem: "No reattach," accounting for 6.8% of all issues. This issue predominantly occurs in parallel milking systems. When does this issue arise? If the milking unit stays on the cow for less than 2 minutes, then disconnects, and the worker doesn't reattach it. Consequently, every working hour sees at least one cow leaving the milking without being fully milked.

Why does this occur?

  • Employees might not notice the detachment of the milking unit due to being engaged in other tasks (useful ones like preparing the second row of cows or less useful ones like engaging in conversation with another worker).

  • There are no employees present in the milking area.

  • The cow has a low milk yield for the milking session and finishes milking earlier than expected. This should also draw workers' attention, but if the milking system tracks individual yields, such a cow would be flagged.

In some cases, employees might assume a cow has finished milking without visually confirming the udder condition. The protocol dictates noticing this within 45 seconds. However, there's a percentage of cases where employees fail to do so due to various reasons. The cattle care department identifies this issue, and supervisors can work on it.

The 'No reattach' issue occurs when there is confusion or disorganization in the milking process. If employees do not have clear instructions on how to milk the cows or what to do when the milking unit disconnects, this error can happen. It is important to have a detailed description of the milking process and train employees on the rules and steps to follow. It is also important for employees to be able to see what is happening during the process and respond quickly to any issues.

What about the employees? When discussing milking, employee concerns include labor, protocol adherence, and the challenges of managing larger herds. Bimodal milking intensifies their workload due to unpredictable cow behavior and pressure to maintain milk quality and schedules, potentially causing frustration and disengagement.

Join the Cattle Care revolution today, and together, let's embrace technological advancements and revolutionize farm management while addressing the issues stemming from the top 10 milkers' mistakes in milking parlors!


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