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Micro goals to accomplish big dreams

December 28, 2023
2 min

The end of the year is the time to summarize the results.

Dairy farmers who get their first Cattle Care report will see it reveals several immediate opportunities for improvement. Farmers appreciate seeing how the system can provide immediate ROI, but they can become easily frustrated trying to decide where to begin making improvements based on the audit results. “I already have enough work to do every day. Why should I add more tasks to my to-do list?”

These questions are easily answered by breaking down big tasks into several small tasks. By making progress step by step, one issue at a time, producers will see results that motivate them to keep improving every day. Click here to see how easy it is to create an action plan based on the results from a Cattle Care audit.

These are two demos from November 2022. Both farms had a very high level of manual detaches. Farm 1 had a middle level of one towel for several cows' issues. Farm 2  - “No reattach” issue. After one year of using the Cattle Care system, we can see big progress!

bar-chat for farm 1 with very high values for a Manual detach issue that went away after a year of using Cattle Care system
barchart for farm 2 with high values for Manual detach issues, No reattach issues, One towel for several cows issues which decreased significantly after a year

It’s still not perfect. And you can see the increase in the “Towel accident” level. But when workers use one towel per cow instead of one towel for 2 or more cows, they just use more towels. And more accidents happen. This is just another thing to improve.

And now, let's shift our focus to another success story from one of our clients. We have been collaborating for over two years, and over the past year, we obtained interesting results regarding the impact of our product on milk quality.  Let's delve into two more graphs.

line graphs Weight vs Manual Detach issues and SCC vs One Towel for Several Cows

The Efficiency Chart 1 (Weight/Manual Detach) illustrates a significant reduction in the frequency of manual detachment issues of milking machines on the dairy farm. Data analysis from August 2022 shows a substantial decrease in instances of premature detachment, resulting in a significant increase in milk yield. The effectiveness of the measures taken is confirmed after implementing changes on the farm.

The Efficiency Chart 2 (SCC/One Towel for Several Cows) depicts a decrease in issues related to using one towel for several cows. However, a noticeable increase in these issues in the subsequent period, accompanied by a rise in somatic cell count (SCC), suggests the need for additional improvements in cow handling practices.

These graphs reflect positive efficiency changes achieved through the Cattle Care system. However, they also emphasize the need for attention and improvements in specific areas for optimal results.

Do not try to do everything at once. We live in an imperfect world - let your farm and your team have enough time to realize and accept the changes. Micro goals united by a common goal are an excellent way to improve your comfort and performance of your work.

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