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5 common employee mistakes in a milking parlor

February 21, 2022
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It’s common knowledge that any protocol deviations at the farm can lead to cows’ diseases, worsening the milk quality and milk loss. Cattle Care helps the dairies be proactive and spots these deviations capturing them as short video clips. The software also tracks progress, reports errors and specific incidents so that the manager can address them effectively and incentivize preferred behaviors.

Here are the statistics about the five most common employee mistakes that Cattle Care identifies in a milking parlor.

1. Towel accidents

Improper usage of towels for cows can end up in growing mastitis cases at a dairy.

The system spots various protocol deviations such as using one towel for two cows without flipping in between or for several cows in a row; using dirty towels (for example, from the floor) before wiping the cow.

2. Manual detaches of machines too soon

Even if a parlor has an automatic vacuum shutoff based on milk flow, it can be common for workers to manually detach machines too soon in order to get the work done earlier. As a result, a dairy can observe significant milk loss that could be easily prevented.

3. Missed postdip

The use of a post milking disinfection has been validated as a standard good milking practice and an essential part of mastitis management. Incorrect usage of post dipping sprays or even missing the routine can lead to massive mastitis spread among cows.

4. Cow-human interactions

Animal wellbeing is undoubtedly of the highest priority for every dairyman. It’s important to spot and eliminate any cases of unnecessary and potentially harmful cow-human interactions.

Cattle Care developed a 5-point scoring system that categorizes human-cow interactions that might be seen in a parlor. In addition to that, dairymen get an immediate alert if an unnecessary interaction scored with a 4 or a 5 happened at the dairy.

5. Phone and resting

The mistake includes miscellaneous events when milkers are not doing their job and that can potentially slow down the work in a milking parlor. For instance, milkers can use their phone for a long time, smoke, eat or just hang around in a milking parlor.

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